What is Socket.IO ??

In traditional HTTP servers, when client requests for the resource then and then only the server responds. Server can not respond to user if new data is available. Disadvantage of these servers is user have to request again and again continuously in order to get new data. This increases load on server as well as user is also frustrated. Web Socket is a communication protocol which provides a full-duplex and low-latency channel between the server and the browser. It is used to implement connection between server and client such that server can also respond to client if new data is…

If you have programmed in java, you must have wondered how these java programs are executed inside the compiler and machine. If you are new to java it is necessary to know how the java programs are executed in order to use this programming language efficiently.

Java Program Execution Block

Java programs are compiled and then they are runned. Firstly java program’s source code is written by the programmer using any text editor and the source code file is saved with .java extension. Then this .java file is compiled using the javac filename.java command. The compiler compiles this source code into the byte code…

Ayush Solanki

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